Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tour of Italy

The Giro d'Italia, the 3 week bicycle race that is second in stature to the Tour de France, is well under way. Alexander Vinokourov, has left his mark on the first week of the race by donning the leader's jersey twice. More amazing, is how well he is racing following a two year ban for a doping violation.
Watching Vino and Cadel Evans race up the final dirt slopes on the road to Montalcino, it is clear how Vino was able to maintain his fitness during his time off. Vino races with a lot of sudden accelerations--a hallmark of Type IIa muscle fiber use. His constant attacks are always what has set him apart from the others. Training and racing his Type IIa muscle fibers has certainly given him an advantage over other riders and certainly allowed him to maintain his fitness without racing.
Ride like Vino, without the blood doping--train those Type iia fibers! They are five times as powerful as the Type I fibers that most cyclists are used to training.

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