Monday, May 24, 2010

Bloomsburg 'Crit

Another successful weekend for the PBR Elite p/b Performance Lab Cycling Team. The team showed up to the Bloomsburg Criterium. Keith Gerber describes the race as, "A nice little Crit in the town park." This race always seams to have a stacked field, especially since it comes on the heels of the Wilmington Grand Prix. A few pros showed up and the who's who of local hammer heads were there. The team tore stuff up from the gun and eventually saw Rich Straub and Keith Gerber escape in a break with the 3 pros and 3 others. The break just about lapped the field thanks to the rest of the team keeping things in control back in the field. The well played team tactics kept the break from getting caught. It came down to a sprint at the end with Straub taking 4th and 6th for Gerber.

A great team effort and a fun race with still more comments on the team being so good!

The team is starting to hit their stride with the training plans for cyclists that they got from their official training sponsor, The Performance Lab powered by Rothman Institute. The team is clearly one of the dominant and active squads in the metro Philadelphia bicycle racing scene. We will be repeating some of the VO2max and Lactate Threshold (Anaerobic Threshold) testing soon. Check back for the results.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Here's the blurb on a story that is in Forbes Magazine:

Fitness Shoes
The Rip-Off: Reebok calls it the EasyTone; Skechers, the ShapeUp. These curved-sole shoes, transforming people into human rocking chairs, cost up to $130 and promise to keep you fit even while grocery shopping. During 2009 sales grew 14-fold to $245 million, estimates market researcher NPD. One problem: "They mostly affect the foot and ankle," says Dr. Michael Ross, director of Rothman Institute's Sports Performance Lab, which counts the Philadelphia Eagles, Phillies and Flyers among its clients. "There is no evidence they will help you tone better or quicker than a regular shoe."

How to Avoid It: Join a gym.

PBR Part Deux

It was an amazing day for the PBR team and The Performance Lab
Here's how the excitement of the bicycle race played out:
With 6 labs to go Wyatt and John Hunter get away with two other riders. The team followed attacks with Davy and Fergie keeping things in check and big Kevin Fryberger waiting to pounce with Ryan and Blackman doing the same. With the moves being covered in the chase group, Keith jumps and is followed by three other riders. Not wanting to chase down his teammates, Keith sits in with his group. Back at the front, Hunter attacks over and over again to break his breakaway companions and Wyatt out sprints him for the win. Keith attacks his group for 6th and big kev nails 8th.

Here's what Tim Karabin had to say about this weekend's racing:
I put the success on Saturday to you and your training plan. I coverd a bizzilian moves to keep Wyatt up in the 1st chase group. On top of that, I sprinted for both primes, lost both on the line but it was fun trying, and then just pulled off into the gutter and stomped on the pedals and rode away from what was left of the main group. Never could have done that last year, I would have sat in the group to the end and gotten out sprinted.

Strong riding by the PBR elite squad.

More reports as the results roll in

Monday, May 17, 2010

Team PBR elite p/b The Performance Lab

Now that the season is underway, it's time to talk about the Pabst Blue Ribbon Elite squad. I have tested and been training many of the guys on the team, with some great success.
Here's what Wyatt Stoup (pictured) had to say, "The training plan is working great. I am getting a lot stronger even though I'm riding less. It is kind of blowing my mind. Thanks again. Can't wait to see what I will do this season."
Well now that his collegiate season is over, we know what he can do. This weekend he rode away from a Pro, 1,2,3 field and went on to win.
More amazing results from this past weekend to come soon.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tour of Italy

The Giro d'Italia, the 3 week bicycle race that is second in stature to the Tour de France, is well under way. Alexander Vinokourov, has left his mark on the first week of the race by donning the leader's jersey twice. More amazing, is how well he is racing following a two year ban for a doping violation.
Watching Vino and Cadel Evans race up the final dirt slopes on the road to Montalcino, it is clear how Vino was able to maintain his fitness during his time off. Vino races with a lot of sudden accelerations--a hallmark of Type IIa muscle fiber use. His constant attacks are always what has set him apart from the others. Training and racing his Type IIa muscle fibers has certainly given him an advantage over other riders and certainly allowed him to maintain his fitness without racing.
Ride like Vino, without the blood doping--train those Type iia fibers! They are five times as powerful as the Type I fibers that most cyclists are used to training.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hip Injuries

What do sports injuries of the hip and asthma have in common?
There are two reasons why repetitive, overuse injuries occur: the exercise demands on the body exceed the body's endurance capacity or the exercise demands on the body exceed the body's core strength.
With exercise induced asthma, the endurance capacity is limited and fatigue results in the smaller hip muscles being overpowered by the much stronger quadriceps.
Once the core muscles fatigue, there is a bio-mechanical breakdown that affects the whole leg, whether running cycling or doing any other activity.
The result? Overuse injuries.
Since we started performing exercise testing on endurance athletes with overuse injuries, they have controlled their underlying medical problems, improved their overuse injuries and they are faster as well.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Exercise Breathing evaluation

When people are feeling tired at high intensity, or sometimes even moderate intensity, usually there is some underlying lung problem to blame. Typical symptoms include shortness of breath, chest tightness or cough during or after exercise, especially in the cold. However, performance issues frequently underly breathing problems.

At the Performance Lab, we believe that chronic, repetitive overuse injuries are due to exercise that exceeds the body's endurance capacity or the body's core strength. Quite often we find underlying asthma that limits an athlete's ability to perform at his/her best.

Once the asthma is corrected with appropriate medication and a medically sound exercise prescription, injuries can be overcome and the athlete can continue towards maximum performance. Because we are not only the only facility doing breathing evaluations for athletes, but also one of the few on the east coast, come by and unlock your potential.