Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PBR Part Deux

It was an amazing day for the PBR team and The Performance Lab
Here's how the excitement of the bicycle race played out:
With 6 labs to go Wyatt and John Hunter get away with two other riders. The team followed attacks with Davy and Fergie keeping things in check and big Kevin Fryberger waiting to pounce with Ryan and Blackman doing the same. With the moves being covered in the chase group, Keith jumps and is followed by three other riders. Not wanting to chase down his teammates, Keith sits in with his group. Back at the front, Hunter attacks over and over again to break his breakaway companions and Wyatt out sprints him for the win. Keith attacks his group for 6th and big kev nails 8th.

Here's what Tim Karabin had to say about this weekend's racing:
I put the success on Saturday to you and your training plan. I coverd a bizzilian moves to keep Wyatt up in the 1st chase group. On top of that, I sprinted for both primes, lost both on the line but it was fun trying, and then just pulled off into the gutter and stomped on the pedals and rode away from what was left of the main group. Never could have done that last year, I would have sat in the group to the end and gotten out sprinted.

Strong riding by the PBR elite squad.

More reports as the results roll in

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