Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nutrition Notes

Here are the notes from a presentation that I recently gave on endurance nutrition.  While these are general guidelines and recommendations, specific numbers that apply to individuals can be calculated during exercise testing with calorimetry.  

Calorimetry lets us measure how many calories as fat, carbohydrate and protein one burns with any given exercise intensity.

Here are my nutrition guidelines for endurance events:

Nutrition Notes
The closer to the start of exercise, the smaller amount of food needed
Choose rapidly digestible, low fiber foods (gels, liquids applesauce)
During Exercise
Energy intake for sustained high-level activity
Intake should match expenditure for maximum carbohydrate use or race pace
30-60g carbohydrate per hour
Replace used up muscle glycogen
Prepare for the next training day/race
0.5g carbohydrate per pound of body weight & 0.16g protein per pound of body weight
Race Day Plan
24 Hours to Go
Carbohydrate-load: 2.5 minute threshold effort followed by 30 seconds at VO2max
10g/kg carbohydrate (5g/lb) over next 24 hours
Carbohydrate should be low glycemic and low fiber
3 hours to go
Last solid meal.  Meal should be mostly low glycemic carbohydrate
Protein should be 10% of total calories
2 hours to go
4-6% Carbohydrate solution (4-6 grams of carbohydrate per 100ml water)
30 minutes to go
High glycemic index snack (gel, applesauce)
Race Time
Fluid consumed to limit sweat loss to 1% of body weight
Carbohydrate if racing for more than 1 hour

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