Sunday, February 5, 2012

Being seen at night

Blinking lights are commonplace on the backs of commuters and others who are out on the roads training at night.  Well, according to a recent study, that might not be enough.  Twenty four drivers were placed on a road course with a cyclist wearing black clothing with either nothing else, a reflective vest, or a vest plus ankle and knee reflectors.  The bike was outfitted with a steady light, a blinking light, or no light.

Drivers noticed cyclists with a combination of vest, ankle, and knee reflectors.

The light did not make cyclists more conspicuous according to the study.

Lights are easy to mount, however they don't lead to increased visibility.  One take home point is that should be placed on knees and ankles, not on the bike.

Also, look out for expensive SUV's, as they are the number one killer of cyclists.

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