Monday, July 12, 2010

Team PBR elite p/b The Performance Lab update

Here's the weekend update from hammerhead Keith Gerber:

Quick weekend update. Six of the guys from the team lined up to race the Iron Hill Crit Sat. Night. This is race is part of the US Crit series, which means all the top pros come to race in it, that and there is 10 grand up for grabs. It was a good night and a not so good night. The good was that this race is so stupid hard and fast on a 1 Kilometer circut with 60 laps and that Wyatt and I finished. Wyatt was 37 just out of the money and I was somewhere behind him. Of my 20 plus years of racing this is one of the hardest races I have done and finished, thanks to the great training from the Performance Lab and Dr. Ross.

The bad news was Tim had a guy put his foot through his front wheel 5 laps into the race and destroyed his Rev. Wheel. I dont think it has any spokes in it anymore. He then went to the pit and got a spare 404 carbon wheel (very expensive). A few laps later at the hardest part of the race where you are going 40 mph to 10 mph into a cattle chute into an uphill 90 bend, Tim got pushed into the hay bales and crashed hard, which actually stopped me for a few seconds but destroyed his borrowed 404 wheel and broke his shifter lever. Needless to say the animal decided to race the next 30 laps in his small chain ring, before he had to pull out. I ran into a curb and ripped my pedal right off my pedal shaft, but got back in.

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